Percentage Usage of Numerous Promo Items

As effective marketing tools, promotional items have penetrated brands and companies. They utilize different items for this purpose. Let us dissect the percentage usage of different things as giveaways.

According to studies, pens are among the most used as giveaways for marketing efforts. Being relatively cheap, but they have also been among the most used by persons who receive them. About 9 in every 10 consumers attest to receiving pens or other writing instruments. Of them, about 20% have at least 10 in their collections. For the lifetime of pens and writing instruments, the impressions made can reach to at least 3000 per piece. And that is amazing! If you are more curious about promotional items then you can learn more about it on promotional items.

Fashion apparels are also popular promo items. Shirts, umbrellas, bags, headwears, polo shirts, and jackets are among the greatly used fashion items as giveaways. On average, cost per impressions range from 1/10 to 4/10 of a cent. And the cost effectiveness are truly remarkable!

Drinkwares are also becoming popular giveaways, Mugs, cups, tumblers, and even bottle openers have significantly found their spots in numerous consumer’s kitchens. They reside there for years and this means that their use as marketing tools is also equivalent for as long as they are in there. What a staying power!

For the new generation, gadget-related giveaways are fast-rising. It is now normal for brands to spend on giveaways like power banks, chargers, headphones, and USBs. The new generation of consumers who are mostly millenials are those who are technically-inclined or those who have more passion for technology-related items. Truly a modern take on marketing!

Whatever kind of thing is used as promo items, the impressions they made are equivalent to several numbers of persons who will belong to the brand’s loyal patrons. And the amount spent by the company in due time will be reciprocated by the sales brought forth by the consumer!