It Is a Good Idea to Get Java Moss for Your Aquarium

There are a lot of aquarium plants out there that you can get and use for your aquarium. These plants are very helpful because they form a kind of ecosystem. The plants help regulate the air underwater as well as help keep it clean because these plants will absorb the bacteria thus decreasing the chance that it will build-up and more. While there are some good plants that you can buy and use, you may want to consider using something called a java moss.

Everything You Need to Know About Java Moss

  • Moss is a type of plant that has no flowers. It is basically clumps of small leaves forming a body of green substance. You could say it looks like algae but it isn’t as moss can turn and look into something so fantastic.
  • Java moss is something that can be formed in small bodies of water. It can attach itself to rock, wood, or just float at the bottom of the riverbank.
  • Java moss is a perfect aquarium plant to use. That’s because these plants require low maintenance. You don’t need to put it in an area where sunlight can go through because it doesn’t need that.
  • You also don’t need to put it in an area where the temperature is really good. Java moss can survive in hot and cold areas. Although it shouldn’t be too cold because like all plants, the supreme cold can kill them.
  • Java moss is also a good aquarium plant if you plan on letting your fish lay some eggs there. The newly born fish will stay inside the Java moss as a form of their initial habitat. In fact, in the wild Java moss is a natural safe zone for baby fish from predators. Get more details on java moss, visit

Where you can get Java moss

  • You can always buy them from your local stores. There are some stores that specifically sell plants and they may include aquarium plants as well.
  • You can also go for them on the internet. There are a lot of different types of moss and aquarium plants that you can get. You don’t have to worry about the plants when they are shipped to your area. They have a special mechanism where the plants will still arrive fresh at your doorstep.
  • You can even get Java moss by yourself. These things grow in riverbanks and maybe even at lakes. If there are such places in your area, you can always get them there.
  • Once you obtain Java moss out in the open, you need to wash and rinse it thoroughly. That is important because you shouldn’t put it when it just came from the river.
  • You can even tie it to a piece of wood or rock that you can put in your aquarium so that it doesn’t float above.

Getting Java moss can be ideal because it can look good in your aquarium and it still maintains the habitat.