The Cost Of Drink Driving Conviction – Drink Driver Insurance

Penalties are awarded to any convicted drivers who failed to comply with the road regulation. Convicted with drink driving violations have a great impact in their personal life. Multiple convictions will result to more bans, unlimited fines, and even life imprisonment for that matter. If you are more curious about drink driver insurance then you can learn more about it on

In Psychological aspect, it could affect the personality, trigger depression and lose confidence. It can affect the job, and any future endeavor of the convicted driver. And the inability to acquire license, or even total revocation of it. Good thing, these drink driver insurance brokers are able to help not just the first time drivers but also

The Conviction Code

In order to understand these violations, we must know the different codes under the government standard.

  1. DR10 – Driving or trying to drive above the given legal limit
  2. DR20 – Driving or trying to drive while unfit through drink
  3. DR30 – Driving or trying to drive and refusing to comply of submitting a specimen
  4. DR40 – Being in charge of the vehicle with above level alcohol limit
  5. DR50 – Being in charge of the vehicle while unfit through drugs or drink
  6. DR60 – Unable to comply of giving a specimen for analysis other than driving
  7. DR70 – Unable to comply of giving a specimen for the breath test

What About The High-Risk Offenders

After a drink driving ban, they need to pass a medical examination in order to take their license back. Fortunately, high-risk offenders can also avail the drink driver insurance. What you need to know about it?

  • Driving with the required alcohol level of 87.5 microgrammes of alcoh100tres of breath, 200 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood
  • Been convicted of 2 drink driving offences for a year
  • Avoidance of giving a sample of breath, blood-pressure or urine to the officer
  • Avoidance of giving a sample of blood for medical purpose